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Google Glass update includes video player and voice commands

The development team behind Google Glass has released its latest update on the project with third-party offerings a key part of what is soon to be offered.

The new update, reported in the XE8 release notes, includes a new video player as well as voice commands that allow users to post an update or make a note using either the Path or Evernote Glassware, if they are installed.

When it comes to videos, Google Glass’ update allows the user to tap a video to play, tap it again to pause, swipe backwards to relive something again or swipe forwards to skip through the boring bits.

Path, one of the developers to create an app for Google Glass, has worked with the developers to allow its users to update their profile by simply saying “ok glass, post an update”. It’s the same case for Evernote, with users able to send a note to the app by saying “ok glass, take a note”.

The release notes remind users that Path and Evernote Glassware must be turned on from the MyGlass Android app or site, and the good news for other app developers is that “more Glassware will support these and new voice actions over time”.

Other improvements to Google Glass include a new volume card in settings that lets users easily change the volume during a phone or voice call. Glass owners can also check their timeline whilst making a video call by simply swiping down to reveal their timeline. The camera will automatically be muted and the person on the other end of the call will have no idea you’re browsing on a timeline.

In addition to this there’s new contextual voice commands whilst navigating, and the ability to add captions by voice to a picture or video, which also includes the option to add ‘#Hashtags’ using a voice command.

Stronger SMS support that displays messages sent to your phone and glass, and Google Now cards covering reservations taken from a Gmail account, movie show times in the vicinity, public alerts and birthday reminders are also now included.

The update will be delivered wirelessly to Glass owners over the next few days and is the latest in a long line of updates to the project.

Image Credit: Flickr (Stuck In Customs)