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Users report multiple problems with new Asus Google Nexus 7 tablet

Owners of the new Google Nexus 7 tablet have reported a number of issues with the device, including erratic touch screen and keyboard functionality and the GPS not working properly.

One user said that the problems with the touchscreen on his device is "almost to the point where it is unusable".

Writing on the Google Product Forums, Jason L, added that although the device functioned fine at first, with only the occasional double tap registering on the keyboard, the problem got progressively worse however. Now it is also registering ghost taps no where near the actual touch point he said.

Another user said that he was now on his third device, and had experienced the same touchscreen problem with all of them.

Writing on the XDA Developers forum, under the name JayBomb999, he said: "Chrome, Dolphin, web-view, maps (especially maps) will often jump all over the place during pinch-to-zoom. Sometimes it works fine, but too often, it jumps zoom levels erratically. This also manifests as double taps and/or "ghost taps" when using the keyboard."

Many users have installed the Yet Another MultiTouch Test app which test the accuracy of touchscreen devices by visually tracking what is being registered.

There are numerous reports of the register jumping all over the place, the screen thinking there are two fingers when there is just one, and random ghost touches. "This makes a lot of games unplayable right now," one user added.

Complaints about the keyboard and touchscreen on the Google forum now runs to 12 pages.

Google employee Paul Wilcox, suggested that users start in safe mode to see if the problem is being caused by an app and later advised resetting the devices. When customers reported that neither of these solutions worked, he said the team is "looking into this".

In a separate forum discussion, users have reported problems with the GPS signal, James Skivers, who started the thread, said: "Several users... including myself, are having GPS problems with the N7 2013. It will get a satellite lock and work fine for anywhere between 10-30 minutes (longer for others) then it will go back into a "Searching" mode with the GPS icon blinking. Sometimes a reboot helps, others not."

Discussions, on this issue now run to 17 pages. Google has said the company is also looking into this problem.

Given that most of the bugs have arisen after the device has been used multiple times, some commentators are questioning whether the Nexus 7 was adequately tested for a sustained period before being released for purchase.

Asus, the manufacturer of the Nexus 7, confirmed last week that the device will go on sale in the UK on 29 August with a starting price of £199.