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EMC demotes VMAX storage array to ‘capacity tier’

EMC is demoting its Symmetrix VMAX storage array to a lower tier with the arrays becoming the firm’s best offering in the ‘capacity tier’ level.

EMC CTO John Roese confirmed that the enterprise-class array will leave the ‘performance tier’ of products to settle in the ‘capacity tier’ of platforms that possess less punch than the higher tier, according to The Register.

Roese was talking at the EMC Forum in Sydney, Australia, and stated that although VMAX can still handle petabytes of data, it doesn’t have “a high storage compute affinity”.

“In the history of storage by and large, all enterprise class storage had distance between it and the compute entity. What we are seeing now is a change thanks to advances in solid state memory and tiering you can put some of the storage in a new tier very close to the compute node,” Roese added.

Roese was at pains to point out that the VMAX arrays are far from finished as a high performance system and simply stated that the firm’s new definition of a ‘performance tier’ did not include “classical storage area networks”.

The reclassification will allow EMC’s ViPR storage platform to treat VMAX as an object store due to certain modules allowing it to mimic EMC’s Atmos or Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

Roese also confirmed that EMC’s VNX arrays “will see a major refresh within weeks” and told The Register “teasers will emerge before too much time has passed”.

EMC’s new ViPR storage defined storage platform was released at EMC World in Las Vegas back in May and at the time it was feted as the first of its kind on the planet.