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Is the Lumia 1020 Nokia’s final stab at Windows Phone greatness?

Nokia is capable of making a quality mobile device and Microsoft's Windows Phone OS is usable, yet there is still only gradual uptake on Nokia Windows Phone handsets. The Lumia 1020 is the next hopeful breakout star.

They key to success for Nokia, and subsequently Microsoft, is the camera. I don't know why but everyone takes the crappy pinhole cameras in these phones very seriously. The pocket camera is dead now that people use phone cameras for photography and friends of mine even rave about the high quality pictures of this phone or that phone.

So we've known about the 41-megapixel Nokia camera phone for over a year. With all this buzz, you'd think Nokia would fast-track the camera into its entire line because Americans seem to be suckers for these cameras. Look at any celebrity event nowadays. What do you see? Thousands of camera phones taking still pictures or videos. Indeed, this is a worldwide phenomenon, but certainly in the US the “selfie” reigns king.

So finally, Nokia loosens its grip and we have the Lumia 1020 with that 41-megapixel camera. But where is it? Why hasn't every reviewer received one of these handsets? Instead the Moto X grabbed all the attention, followed by the rollout of a new LG phone and then more Apple iPhone rumours.

Quite simply Nokia needs to seed these phones. Give one to Jay-Z. Give one to George Clooney. Drop them in celebrity gift baskets. If they were everywhere, things would change.

Nokia and Microsoft cannot perceive reality anymore; once bitten, twice shy. These folks were convinced the Windows Phone OS combined with Nokia's manufacturing prowess could enter a market already won over by two competing operating systems. They figured they could waltz right into second place. They were convinced of it. They didn't come close.

So they zigged and zagged and nothing worked. Now they have something that could create quite a stir because of the camera, but they treat it like the previous failures.

We all realised the camera was the key when Apple released the first 8-megapixel cameras. They were the best snapshot cameras ever and the movies were great too, despite the pinhole-sized lens. And with 41-megapixels you can do a lot more with the pictures.

Personally, I'd think that 20-megapixels would be spectacular, but 41 is outrageous and Nokia needs to take advantage of its edge. And if Microsoft doesn't Zune-ify things, all will be good.

The Lumia 1020 might be the last best chance.