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Revamped GoSquared web analytics platform focuses on visitor growth and engagement

Web analytics platform GoSquared is rethinking the way it does things with a refreshed offering concentrating on visitor growth and engagement that gives websites new real-time analytics.

The UK-based firm, which keeps track of the flow of traffic through a site and other metrics, is in the midst of a redesign that will make it easier for users to measure growth from week to week and to judge engagement.

“Single page web apps, mobile usage, and new browsing habits mean that page views and simple bounce rates are a cumbersome metric for judging the success of your content online,” a GoSquared spokesman told The Next Web.

GoSquared’s new website proudly questions “what hasn’t changed” on their site with the firm looking to usher in a new period of growth.

The new GoSquared will record a variety of actions that take place on a page such as cursor movement, scroll depth, and screen swipes in addition to clicks so that they can show an “actively engaged time per visitor” metric.

GoSquared’s revamp doesn’t end there as the firm has made the overall performance of the service a much quicker one thus giving them the chance to provide real-time concurrency and historical data analyses in just five minutes.

GoSquared has already been around for seven years and in that time have offered website owners a number of solutions that have looked at maximising ad revenue from a given website.

The company were recognised as the Best Digital and Technology Brand 2013 at the British Young Business Awards on 12 August and will look to have an even more fruitful 2014 off the back of their newly launched product.

GoSquared’s new service starts at $9 [£5.80] and “scales with site traffic”.