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Apple iPhone 5C yellow shell shows up in new video

The heavily rumoured Apple iPhone 5C is set to be released in a range of different colours with a new video showing a yellow rear shell that will reportedly adorn the back of the device.

Sonny Dickson’s new high-quality video shows a yellow rear shell that purportedly comes from an iPhone 5C that is to be unveiled at an Apple media event next month.

The video compares the device to other iPhone models that have been released over the years and shows it has rounded corners and is similar in dimensions to the iPhone 5.

The back is made from plastic and this reflects the fact that it will be a cheaper version of the aluminium-backed iPhone 5.

Dickson has released other picture sets in recent weeks that have seen various colour-ways that will also be available and reflect the fact the C stands for “Colour”. The earlier pictures suggest that green, white, red and blue devices will sit alongside the yellow one shown in the latest video.

It’s widely expected that the new device will be unveiled alongside the new iPhone 5S at a media event tentatively scheduled for 10 September that may also see a new iPad and iPad mini revealed.

The iPhone 5C is expected to sport a dual-core CPU, tri-core GPU and an 8-megapixel camera, with all that making it very similar to the iPhone 5 currently on the market.

If an iPhone 5C is released it will be the clearest sign yet Apple is launching a full-scale assault on the mid-range smartphone market that has so far evaded it. It would give them a better chance at growth in developing countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Price-wise, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster thinks it will retail at $300 [£194] for the unlocked and unsubsidised version and if unveiled on 10 September, it’s expected it will be available to consumers around a month later.

Image Credit: Flickr (P.S.Lu)