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Street View backpack Google Trekker makes UK debut

The 'Google Trekker', a backpack which captures images for Google's Street View service, has arrived in the UK for the first time and is now going to start capturing images of the UK's canals and rivers, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The backpack is designed to allow users to capture views in remote locations and has already been used to record views from Mount Everest and the Grand Canyon.

Trekker is an 18kg wearable backpack with a 15-camera system on top to capture 360-degree views. Trekker is controlled by an Android phone and automatically snaps photos as walkers carry it.

The Trekker backpack is being loaned to the Canal & River Trust, a charity that cares for England and Wales’ waterways. It is partnering with Google to enable its staff and volunteers to take footage with the equipment.

Google UK spokesperson Laurian Clemence told The Daily Telegraph, "We've had a lot of feedback from our users saying they want more places on Street View to be accessible, like interesting landmarks or heritage sites, or nature spots."

Clemence said, "We encourage partners to get in touch with us, and also if we think there's a nice palce in the world that should be available for others to see, then obviously we approach potential partners too."

Beginning on the Regent’s Canal in London, the Canal & River Trust says it will use the Trekker over 100 miles during the course of the next month.