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8000 companies sign up to Flickr co-founder's 'Slack' comms service in 24hrs

Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield's new venture, Slack, a corporate communications service, has had 8000 businesses sign up for the limited preview release in just 24 hours.

The service promises to make life easier for teams by bringing together all communications into one place, providing real time messaging, archiving and search.

"We did the launch announcement yesterday morning and so far, it's been 24 hours...8,000 companies have signed up," Butterfield told Venture Beat's John Koetsier on Thursday.

The application, which currently runs on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android brings e-mail, instant messaging, text messages and corporate intranets all into one place.

It also connects and indexes files held on external services such as Google Docs, DropBox, Twitter and Zendesk - everything stored on any of these services can be brought up via the universal search.

The rapid sign up rate has not made Butterfield complacent however.

"We have a real challenge getting organisations to switch, because if it's consumer software, it's just one person who needs to put it on your phone and you use it," he told Koetsier, adding that when "you have to convince 17 people at once, or 35 people, 58 people", and keep all employees happy, it becomes a much more difficult process.

Slack has been on private release for the last few months with a select few companies trialing the beta service. The 8000 companies signed up for the preview release now have to wait for a invite to get Slack installed.

Image credit: Flickr (Kris Krug)