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Teenager commits suicide after Internet blackmail scam and abuse

Fife police in Scotland are investigating an alleged Internet blackmail case which is said to have led to a 17-year-old boy killing himself.

It is believed, according to the BBC, that Daniel Perry had become involved in a web scam which sees victims befriended online and tricked into making explicit webcam recordings. The recordings are then used to blackmail the victim.

Since he took his life, it has also emerged that Daniel was previously urged to kill himself by anonymous users on the social media website

Daniel was an apprentice mechanic from Dunfermline, who died after falling from the Forth Road Bridge. It is reported he was having online conversations with someone who he believed was a girl of his own age.

On the day he died, the teenager read a message on his laptop which said that images or a video would be made public and shared with his friends and family, unless he paid money into a specified account.

Daniel was warned he would be "better off dead" if he did not transfer the cash into the account. Less than an hour after replying to that message he had killed himself.

In a similar incident, 14-year-old Leicestershire schoolgirl Hannah Smith was found hanged at her home earlier this month. It is strongly believed that she took her own life after being bullied and abused on

The deaths have highlighted online bullying on social network sites and have strengthened calls for easier reporting mechanisms on sites for the victims of such abuse.

Last week, David Cameron called for members of the public to boycott social networks that fail to deal with the issue of online bullying.