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Touch screen display shipments show 111.9 per cent increase spurred by demand for 7in devices

Touch screen display manufacturers have seen a treble-digit increase in shipments during the first quarter with 7in tablets contributing most to the rise in device purchases.

Figures from IHS iSuppli showed that shipments rose by 111.9 per cent year-on-year in Q1 2013 with 45.2 million units being shipped and the smaller tablets are giving the market a significant boost.

“Sales of smaller-sized tablets are rising at a rapid rate, driving shipments of capacitive touch screen displays ranking in size from 7- to 8-inches. These tablets are inexpensive, with pricing at $199 [£127], making them popular among consumers. With the level of competition increasing in both the tablet and panel markets, pricing is expected to continue to decline, boosting shipments of displays and end products in this size range,” stated Duke Yi, senior manager for display components and materials research at IHS.

Demand for the screens have meant an increase in the number of panel manufacturers in existence and this in turn has sent the price of an individual 7in tablet touch panel crashing from $18.60 [£11.91] in Q1 2012 to $15.60 [£9.99] in Q1 2013.

The tablet touch screen market is led by TPK with their 29 per cent market share coming from a “strong cadre of leading stable clients” that includes the likes of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Asus.

Trailing in their wake are Samsung tablet PC touch panel provider Iljin Display, which has 15.5 per cent of the market, and in third place is Foxconn Technology Group subsidiary GIS with 13.3 per cent of the market.

A raft of 7in tablets have been released or are set to be unveiled later this year and with Google, Asus and Apple all in this bracket.

Image Credit: Flickr