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Corsair Vengeance C70 preview: Fancy a military themed mid-tower chassis?

A few years ago, Corsair entered the market for PC chassis with a single model, but these days the manufacturer has a number of different models and types available. One of them we had not taken a closer look at yet was the Vengeance product line. The chassis comes in a military green colour, which could appeal to the CoD and Battlefield fans out there, provided the cooling performance is up to par. Hardware.Info tested the chassis to find out.

Vengeance is the name of Corsair's gaming products. We've seen Vengeance mice, keyboards and even Vengeance RAM. Now it's time for a Vengeance chassis. Aside from the Military Green version we are reviewing here, the chassis is also available in Arctic White and Gunmetal Black.

The Military Green Vengeance C70 is not a cheap chassis with an average price of £113, more expensive than the deluxe Carbide 500R from the same brand.

We compared the Corsair Vengeance C70 to 13 other chassis in the same price range. To give you an impression of how big the other computer cases are, we created a chart with all their volumes. It's based on the external dimensions, so you have an idea how much space these will take up.

In the Vengeance C70 you can fit no less than 10 fans, or two 240 mm radiators for water cooling. Corsair asked us to perform some extra measurements on top of what we usually do for chassis, and we included those as well in our review.

The Corsair Vengeance C70 is a striking chassis, no doubt about that. With dimensions of 23x53.3x50.6 cm it's a big case, but as you could see on the chart on the previous page it's not the biggest we've ever seen.

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