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Google launches Tag Manager for mobile apps

Google says it has provided an answer to the "surprisingly static nature of mobile apps" through the introduction of Tag Manager for mobile apps, a platform which allows developers to make changes to applications after publishing.

The free service enables app developers to change configurations as well as add analytics, remarketing and conversion tracking without users having to republish the app.

In the past, any change made to the app would mean that the user would have to download the new version to receive the update, but with Tag Manager, the changes can be automatically applied without the need for installation.

It also means developers do not have to publish a whole new version just to make small changes.

"Making even the slightest change means waiting until your next update makes its way through the various app stores and even then, you can't be sure that all of your users will update quickly, if at all," Google said in a blog post.

"Forget to add an event to a key button press? Tough! Need to add conversion tracking for a last minute campaign? Too bad! Realize you need to change an important configuration setting? Sorry, not possible... that is, until now!"

The service is available for both Android and iOS and natively supports AdWords Conversion Tracking, AdWords Remarketing and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps tags. It also supports custom and third party tracking events using the custom tag.