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Groupon launches affiliate marketing platform 'Groupon Partner Network'

Groupon has launched a new platform to manage the company's affiliate marketing campaigns, Groupon Partner Network (opens in new tab) (GPN).

The new service is designed to allow online publishers to partner with Groupon and earn money by placing adverts promoting the company's local deals.

"Through retargeting and an extensive suite of publishing tools, GPN distributes the most relevant Groupon deals across partner websites and apps, helping to increase the visibility and distribution of merchants' deals and drive purchases through Groupon," the company said in a statement.

Any website, whether it be a media organisation or blog, can become an affiliate and place Groupon's ready created adverts and banners on their site.

The domain owner will then earn 2-10 per cent commision on every click through that leads to a sale, whether it be by a new or existing Groupon customer.

"As a Groupon affiliate, you'll also have access to our marketing toolkit, which includes a great selection of links and banners, dynamic widgets, advance notification of featured deals, and much more," reads the new GPN website.

The company says it will also be providing real time reports, live support, training guides and webinars as part of the platform.

The service is being rolled out globally immediately and is available in over 30 countries now.

"With affiliate presence in every US state and dozens of countries around the world, affiliate marketing sends more and more customers to Groupon merchants every month," said Sean Smyth, VP of Global Partner Marketing and Business Development at Groupon.

"GPN is the latest example of Groupon's dedication to provide a comprehensive, effective and large-scale marketing platform for local and national merchants to help grow their business."

Tomas is co-founder of Lucky Pilgrim, a team of journalists, photographers and art directors who connect brands to audiences through words, imagery and design. He was formerly editorial director at Chapel and managing editor at Courier magazine, and was a writer for ITProPortal as well as The Independent, EastLondonLines, The Sunday Times Magazine, and Croon.