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LogMeIn launches new sharing features for users

Screen-sharing service is looking to provide an improved service to its business customers with a slew of new features being added to further enhance the service and take advantage of owner LogMeIn’s Cubby storage service.

The new features, reported by TechCrunch, allow meetings held on to be recorded from web and iPad, and give the ability for recordings to be shared with others through an online file store in which users can keep important meeting items such as presentations, photos and more using Cubby.

LogMeIn, owner of, has implemented the new features with an eye on their business-focused DropBox alternative called Cubby. Recording meetings is as easy as clicking “record” at the start of the meeting and then letting work its magic. When the meeting is finished users will have to wait for around half the time of the duration of the meeting for the audio to become available, meaning a 50 minute meeting will be available in 25 minutes and vice versa. records the meeting in .webm format and they can be played natively in either Chrome or Firefox, directly from or by using plugins in other browsers. Once uploaded to Cubby they can be shared with others using a link provided or sending them an invite to use the Cubby storage service.

Recording meetings is only open to Pro members, which costs between $13 and $19 per month depending on the length of membership purchased. It comes with 5GB of free Cubby storage and the new features represents the first time LogMeIn has used its two services in conjunction with each other.’s latest update also includes the ability for iPad users to host meetings, share what’s on the same decide and save recordings via the cloud on Cubby.