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Nuance brings two-way voice ads to Europe through Widespace deal

Nuance is bringing its unique advertising format to the European market that allows customers to interact with advertisements promising the first ever ads that can have a conversation with consumers.

The deal, signed with mobile advertising network Widespace, includes “the world’s first talking ads” with a campaign designed by Widespace starting in Sweden.

The advertising campaign has been launched through the Expressen app, which is one of Sweden’s largest daily newspapers, and Tv24, a television channel guide service.

“Smartphones provide opportunities for interactivity in ways that other media can’t. Our vision is to continuously create better user experiences, which in turn improve advertisers’ results. Voice interaction provides people with a memorable and engaging experience as a result of two-way conversation,” said Patrik Fagerlund, Widespace co-founder and CEO.

Nuance’s contract with Widespace takes the number of languages it supports up to 40 and the deal gives them the ideal springboard to take their concept from Sweden to the rest of the continent.

“Working closely with Widespace, we’ve been able to create an incredibly compelling conversational mobile ad experience for one of the world’s largest consumer brands, supporting the Swedish language. And with support for more than 40 languages worldwide for both voice recognition and text-to-speech, we look forward to many more conversational ad experiences coming to mobile consumers around the world,” said Mike McSherry, VP of advertising at Nuance Mobile.

Nuance launched its new advertising format earlier on this year with the ads aimed to boost mobile ad engagement by targeting ads based on mobility, location and voice input – with the customer encouraged to speak to the ad.

Widespace’s Swedish campaign will talk back to customers and give advertisers a new and innovative way to create new campaigns for businesses.

Nuance reported earlier this year that mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing segments in digital marketing with spending more than doubling last year to $8.41 billion [£5.5 billion].