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ATM bank skimmers use 3D printing technology to steal £60k

Whenever a new technology breaks cover, you can bet that criminals are taking a close look.

A gang of bank ATM skimmers in Australia has successfully used new 3D printing technology to make skimming devices that were then used to steal around A$100,000 (£58,000).

The devices were used in the Sydney area, and the New South Wales police force has said that thousands of customers from two banks were fleeced after at least 15 ATMs were targeted.

The gang, which the police suspects is Romanian, is said to have used "sophisticated" devices using 3D printers and computer-aided design (CAD) systems.

Police say they recently arrested and charged a Romanian national with fraud after a money transfer officer contacted them over a suspicious transaction. The police said it had traced some of the stolen funds back to Romania.

Detective superintendent Col Dyson, commander of the New South Wales fraud and cybercrime squad, told iTnews the alleged gang used one particularly “sophisticated” skimming device that was entirely self-contained and accompanied by a tiny video camera.

Dyson said, “These devices are actually manufactured for specific models of ATMs so they fit better and can’t be detected as easily.”

He told iTnews, “Previous devices have always had wires hanging off them. One of the ones used in this case does have wires hanging off it, that’s because of the design of the ATM. But the smallest one is quite impressive in that it is contained within a resin block and sealed.”