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D-Link ShareCenter Quattro DNS-345 NAS preview

The D-Link ShareCenter Quattro DNS-345 is a compact case with a clear OLED display on the front that shows the status of the device. On the back you'll find two network connectors and a USB 2.0 port. With that you can use the NAS as a print server or for making back-ups.

You'll need to remove the front panel in order to place the disks. You slide them in, and they will automatically lock into place. On the back there is a latch for releasing each disk. The chassis feels sturdy and its design fits within a home or office environment. The D-Link ShareCenter Quattro DNS-345 has two fans that are temperature regulated. The NAS is pretty quiet until the fans turn on.

Sharing a folder on the D-Link ShareCenter Quattro DNS-345 is done a little differently than we're used to from other brands. You first need to create a folder before you can share it - on other NAS devices this is a single operation.

The firmware of the D-Link ShareCenter Quattro DNS-345 is pretty comprehensive. You have all the standard features such as sharing folders, enabling a DLNA or iTunes server, and linking the NAS to an Active Directory. There are a number of integrated applications as well, including a fairly complete Bittorrent client, an FTP/http download service, and the ability to link the NAS to an Amazon S3 back-up.

Installing the disks is relatively easy. Depending on the number of available drives, the graphical menu offers different options such as RAID 1, RAID 0, RAID 10 and RAID 5. The settings of the network connections caused a few headaches during testing. On other NAS devices you can configure them individually, but here it is only per pair. Different configurations are supported, but you can't manually assign an IP address to an adapter. You can read the rest of D-Link ShareCenter Quattro DNS-345 NAS preview on