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Rackspace releases VMware vCenter hybrid cloud solution

Rackspace has launched a new offering that lets customers move their VMware workloads onto one of Rackspace’s hybrid cloud data centres

The Dedicated VMware vCenter Server is part of the Rackspace Managed Virtualisation service and will help speed up customer uptake of hybrid cloud computing. As part of the solution, enterprise customers can transfer their VMware workloads from a land-based data centre into a dedicated Rackspace data centre.

The Rackspace hosted VMware data centre will leverage the same vCenter APIs that are used by each company's existing tools.

“This new service has been designed to enable customers to migrate workloads out of their data center and into a Rackspace data center. This allows Rackspace to do what we do best, which is providing a fully managed hybrid cloud hosting service backed by Fanatical Support with maximum uptime,” said John Engates, CTO at Rackspace.

VMware is still attempting to set up their own hybrid cloud solution and the news that Rackspace is offering essentially the same thing is good news for those customers that have VMware workloads that need to be moved to a cloud-based storage setting.

ZDNet report that Rackspace is positioning itself to become the “leading hybrid cloud provider” as firms are increasingly moving towards this as the main type of cloud storage they need. Hybrid clouds are a combination of public, private and hosted cloud varieties and having them under one roof is an advantage for Rackspace.

“Utilizing Rackspace’s hybrid cloud portfolio gives customers the choice to find the best fit for their applications and workloads, all while offloading data center management so that they can focus on their core business,” explained Engates.