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Samsung partners with to go up against Netflix and LoveFilm

Samsung has announced a new online streaming partnership that will see them go head to head with the likes of NetFlix and LoveFilm by offering a different service to Smart TV owners., which is owned by Rakuten, will now have the ability to offer its titles to Samsung Smart TV users with anyone owning one of the devices seeing the service appear alongside NetFlix, LoveFilm and NowTV on their TV set.

“Research from our recently announced ‘Samsung Futures: The Future of Smart TV’ report found that almost one fifth of people stayed at home more often to watch films on TV rather than go to the cinema,” Guy Kinnell, head of TV at Samsung UK and Ireland, told the Telegraph.

New customers that sign up to using their Samsung TV prior to 13 September will get access to the Wuaki Plus subscription platform for £2.99 a month for life – almost half the price of the usual £5.99 Wuaki Plus price.

“With the nation changing the way we consume film and TV content, having a great selection of entertainment partners such as in our Smart TV store enables us to provide people with the freedom of choice to watch their favourite shows and movies at a time convenient for them,” Kinnell added.

Wuaki announced it was launching in the UK last month and the company claims that it’s the first to allow unlimited streaming subscriptions alongside rentals and sales of digital copies on the same site.

Rakuten’s offering differs from NetFlix and LoveFilm in that it offers new films to rent and buy that can sometimes take a number of months to appear on streaming sites. It eliminates the need for customers to leave the comfort of their own home to buy or rent a DVD and as soon as a title is available it can be downloaded to the smart TV, Android, iPad, or computer.

NetFlix, in comparison, offers unlimited streaming for £5.99 a month, with no option to buy or rent films, with LoveFilm charging £4.99 a month for unlimited streaming and £5.99 for LoveFilm by Post, their film and TV show rental service.