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MPayMe launches ZNAP mobile business platform

International payment technology firm MPayMe has announced a new mobile business platform, dubbed ZNAP.

The company launched the app via a special event at Chester Racecourse, where ZNAP powered the quaffing at the mobile payment-only QR-BAR.

Punters scanned a QR code upon entering the bar, then selected drinks from a virtual menu. After choosing their beverages, they simply entered a table number and sat back as their tipples were delivered.

The event organisers reported that more than 640 drinks were consumed at the QR-BAR utilising ZNAP, with attendees commenting on the usability of the app.

"I found the app both intuitive and easy to use from a consumer standpoint – and from a merchant standpoint, I can clearly see how this technology has the potential to increase revenues and drive customer loyalty," said Gary Corbett, chairman of Oxygen8 Group.

Out in the wild, ZNAP users will register their credit or debit card details with the app, scanning a QR code to initiate a purchase and then entering a four-digit PIN to complete the transaction. The platform is currently in the midst of rolling out to a number of "well-known merchants and partners" across Europe, the US, and Asia, the firm said.

"The successful launch of ZNAP at QR-BAR to showcase our technology demonstrates how we offer customers a quick and easy way to order and pay - without the hassle of carrying money and credit cards, or waiting in long queues...We are looking forward to working with retailers and brands across the UK and Europe to roll out our platform commercially to the mainstream public later this year," commented Hooman Mazaheri, CEO of MPayMe Europe

ZNAP is available to download on the iOS, Android, and BlackBerry app stores, with a Windows Phone version "coming soon," according to MPayMe.