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PCs and TVs to blame as LCD shipping estimates are cut

LCD panel producers have cut shipping targets for the remainder of the year with PC and television sales thought to be behind the decision to dumb down estimates.

NPD DisplaySearch figures show that panel producers have cut seven per cent off the estimate shipment total of panels that are 9in or larger as the number shipped was cut from the earlier estimate of 710 million units for the year to just 698 million.

David Hsieh, VP of NPD DisplaySearch admitted, “the over-supply of LCD panels that occurred in June 2013 has caused panel makers to be more conservative in their 2013 shipment estimates”.

Breaking down the numbers shows that monitors have already sold 51 per cent of their 2013 target with TVs also selling 49 per cent of the end of year estimate. Notebook PCs and mini-note PCs achieved 50 and 52 per cent respectively.

The only one to buck the trend were tablet PCs as they achieved 41 per cent of what was expected in the first half of the year with the festive season likely to see many more sales.

Many see the amount of panels shipped as being a major indicator of the strength of the consumer electronics market and the fact that over half of the estimate has been sold in the first half of the year is significant. Hseih did, however, note that focusing on parameters other than volume could give manufacturers higher revenue from here forwards.

“Achieving nearly half of the 2013 annual target indicates that large-area TFT LCD seasonality has stabilized,” Hsieh stated. “Focusing on high-value products with the latest technology, such as 4K×2K, larger sizes, high colour gamut, ultra-slim form factor, and environmental concerns, will add more to manufacturer revenues than pure unit-shipment numbers from now on.”