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Synology DS1512+ and DS1812+ NAS preview: Fast, versatile and powerful NAS devices

If you're looking for a NAS with room for plenty of disks, that's also fast and user-friendly, then the new Synology DS-1512+ and DS-1812+ are two models that should be on your wish list.

They come equipped with the very comprehensive DSM 4.0 firmware, with space for either five or eight hard disks. You do have to reach pretty deep into your wallet for these, so Hardware.Info tested both models to find out if they're worth the money and how they compare with the competition.

The DS-1512+ and DS-1812+ NAS devices are related to the DS-412+, but have room for five or eight disks. While the DS-1512+ and DS-1812+ look a lot like each other, the latter actually looks an elongated version of the five-bay model. There's nothing wrong with the design, but it's a shame that the hard disk trays are entirely made out of plastic and that the trays can't be locked.

There also isn't a display, for such a feature you need to look for products by Thecus or QNAP. We also would have liked to have a USB 3.0 port on the front.

On the back of the DS-1512+ and the DS-1812+ there are lots of connectors. Synology has included four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports and two eSATA connectors with screw holes for the DF510 expansion unit. You can get two of those expansion cabinets, increasing the number of disks in the DS-1512+ to 15 and in the DS-1812+ to 18. You can connect even more disks to the USB ports.

The hardware of the DS-1512+ and DS-1812+ is built around an Intel Atom D2700, a CPU that's already been phased out, but is relatively powerful in NAS terms and pretty efficient. On the motherboard there are two SO-DIMM memory slots, both of which are empty. You can read the rest of Synology DS1512+ and DS1812+ NAS preview on