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Nokia reportedly set for September New York phablet launch

Nokia is expected to launch a range of new smartphones at an event in New York in late September, following earlier speculation it will also be launching a tablet device.

Reuters reports sources saying Nokia will unveil a large screen 'phablet' device, which is a combination between a phone and a tablet. A phablet usually has a screen larger than 5.3in.

Other firms like Samsung have already established a niche in the growing phablet market, after market watchers previously believed such devices would prove to be too bulky for consumers.

Now Nokia seems to think it is high time to join the fray.

At the moment there are no further details available on the specifications and price of the new large Nokia device but, as with its existing Lumia smartphone range, the phablet is expected to be running the Windows Phone operating system.

Last month, Nokia launched the Lumia 1020 smartphone, which was equipped with a massively powerful 41-megapixel camera. In our Nokia Lumia 1020 review, we only deemed it worthy of four stars, for a number of reasons.

Last month, the Finnish company attacked Microsoft over Windows Phone 8, saying that the operating system is only being driven by the handsets, rather than the software.

Windows Phone software currently has an estimated four per cent of the device OS market, as opposed to the combined 94 per cent held by Google's Android operating system and Apple's iOS.