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TalkTalk offers child filter on Android mobiles

TalkTalk is now offering child safety filters to its mobile customers.

The ISP's MobileSafe app is free for TalkTalk mobile customers, but only works on Android devices, reports PC Pro.

TalkTalk told PC Pro that it's only focusing on Android for now as the Google OS is the most popular among customers, and "poses the biggest security risks" to users.

A growing number of risky apps have been found in the official Google Play app marketplace, suggesting TalkTalk's Android-first approach is wise. Android is also found on the most smartphones in the market, with the likes of Samsung, the market leader by volume, relying on the OS for its key handsets.

The mobile app from TalkTalk has been built in partnership with security software company F-Secure, and is said to take up 10MB of a phone's internal memory.

After installing the app, users install a default "SafeBrowser" which filters sites. Parents may choose one of three categories of "child", "teenager" or "adult" to filter sites via the browser.

A "child" setting will block adult content sites, social media sites, illegal download sites and other potential threats. The "teen" setting allows access to social networks and the "adult" setting lets everything through.

Available in the Google Play store now, the MobileSafe app also includes anti-virus and anti-theft features, with users able to remotely wipe data from devices or track them if they get stolen.