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Top 10 reasons why you should attend a technology event this year

With short deadlines, demanding jobs, and bills to pay, the cost of attending an event and taking a few days out of the office can be a big challenge. Here are the top 10 reasons why the numbers add up and you should look at getting to at least one gathering relevant to your industry every year.

1. Inspiration

Some events have such an awesome line up of speakers. Dare I say Reasons To Be Creative is one? Fabio Sasso, Erik Spiekermann and Stefan Sagmeister are just three of the 30-plus speakers slated for this year - a good example of how events are a great way to find a high-quality lineup all in one place.

2. Downtime

When was the last time you took a few days out of the office to recharge your batteries? Three days every year is potentially what it is, or roughly one per cent of your working time. Come on, boss...

3. Meeting up

Whether you're part of a multinational or a startup, making new connections and rekindling old relationships is important for so many reasons.

4. Get stuff

Typically, you'll get some free goodies if you go an event. For instance, this year Reasons To Be Creative is partnering up with a few very cool brands including Adobe, Moo and Red Bull to name a few. We don't know what they will have (maybe nothing), but if they do indulge in a bit of charity, you can be sure it'll be good.

5. Go to a cool place

We do love to be beside the seaside! Get out of your steamy city or, alternatively, ditch your rural retreat for some bright lights. Our event is based in Brighton and we know attendees love getting down to feel the cool sea breeze and experience the vibrant culture there. A good event will always be based somewhere interesting, not at an identikit hotel on a roundabout in Milton Keynes.

6. Learn stuff

Put simply, you get smarter (and therefore better at your job) by going to events. Main sessions and keynote addresses help you pick up all sorts of insights, hints, and tips, while workshops can be really awesome from an educational perspective. Make sure you book these early, though, as the best risk selling out - all of our workshops are fully booked this year.

7. Curated by design

The best events are carefully curated by their organisers, so that no one gets on stage or holds court unless they have been vetted and are actually interesting. Our main man, John Davey, has his own secret "Oh, that's cool!" test that speakers have to pass.

8. Be involved

Events serve as door-openers, helping to get like-minded people together and offering exciting opportunities for newbies. For instance, we have things like the Elevator Pitch and Startup Marketplace that appeal to the wider grassroots tech community and enable us to give cool people and ideas some exposure. Which brings us to...

9. See the new kids on the block

As well as the Elevator Pitch and Startup Marketplace, we're also partnering with local area universities and colleges to help them promote their talented graduates. Going to events, you often have a great opportunity to meet new blood - a real boon if you're an employer looking to bolster the side or need to find a talented partner for a new project.

10. Dive into the melting pot

A really good event will combine a bit of this and a bit of that, enabling you to stumble upon subjects you may have never considered before. For example, we mix graphic design, coding and development, and the visual arts - exploration and discovery is all part of the gig.

Rob Chandler is the "commercial chap" at Reasons To Be Creative, the founder of Colour Nine, and a trainee comedian.

Reasons To Be Creative takes place in Brighton from 2-4 September and is one of the focal points of the larger Brighton Digital Festival 2013 - follow the link to buy tickets for Reasons To Be Creative. ITProPortal will be ankling down to Brighton for our prescribed dose of inspiration, so be sure to say "Hi" if you see us knocking about!