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Amazon Web Services outage temporarily knocks out Instagram and Vine

Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud servers were hit with a glitch for the second time in a week with various prominent websites being knocked out as a result.

Popular picture sharing site Instagram and Twitter’s video sharing service Vine were among the sites that were unavailable on Sunday with a networking device being blamed for the disruption.

“We're aware of some issues affecting our servers and are working to address them now. Thanks for your patience and hang tight!” confirmed a Tweet from Vine, with Instagram sending out something similar beforehand.

AirBnB, Netflix, Heroku, and IFTTT were among the other sites to be affected with problems starting at 21:00 GMT for US customers of the sites and continuing for several hours throughout the day. The disruption made it hard for users to reach login pages and the whole service was intermittent at best.

AWS, which provides online storage and computing power to various companies, said via a status page on their site that the problems were at a data centre in Virginia. The parts affected were the databases, software that spreads queries across services and the code that manages the central computers that are fundamental to the whole service.

The company later revealed to the BBC that the anomaly was because of “the partial failure of a networking device” with Amazon choosing not to comment any further on the error.

Amazon’s latest outage comes just days after the firm's entire e-commerce site went down due to problem's in their Northern Virginia data centre and causing the online retail giant to lose out on thousands of dollars in revenue.

It followed a similar glitch on Google days before that, which lasted for four minutes and reportedly meant a 40 per cent drop in global internet traffic.

Image Credit: Flickr (Will Merydith)