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Facebook allowing users to collaborate on photo albums

Facebook has began rolling out shared photo albums, letting friends collaborate on the same album.

"Hundreds of millions of photos are uploaded onto Facebook each day and today, we're making it even easier for friends to share photos with the rollout of Shared Photo Albums," the company said in a statement. "Whether you're at a wedding, birthday party, or fresh off of a trip, all your friends will be able to add photos, tag photos and edit just one album."

When you create a shared photo album, you can opt to either make it private so that only contributors can see it, open it up to friends of contributors, or the general public. Those you add as contributors can add and tag photos, edit the album, and leave the album if they so choose.

Contributors can only edit or add information — such as a locations or dates — to the photos they have uploaded to the album. They cannot modify photos added by the original album owner, or any other contributors. Contributors can only delete photos that they have uploaded, while the album owner can delete any photos in the album.

If you have timeline review turned on, the shared album will appear on your timeline after you review it.

Shared albums can have up to 50 contributors, who can each add as many as 200 photos, according to Mashable. Facebook is first rolling out the feature to a small group of English users, before expanding it internationally.

In other Facebook news, the social network recently introduced Story Bump to surface older stories which gain a lot of attention and officially dropped physical goods its Gifts programme.