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Feedly brings Pro RSS service to all Google Reader 'refugees'

If you've been patiently waiting to get your hands on the premium version of Google Reader replacement Feedly, now is your chance.

Feedly has opened up Feedly Pro to anyone who is interested, after first launching it earlier this month to only 5,000 users. Priced at $5 (£3.20) per month or $45 (£29) per year, the Pro version comes with four new features: in-feed search, Evernote integration, premium support, and HTTPS.

Those willing to pony up the money for a Pro account will have the ability to search for articles within their Feedly feeds, employ one-click saving to any Evernote notebook, get bumped to the front of the support line, and add a layer of security to browsing.

"New pro features will be added regularly," Feedly wrote in a blog post. "The goal is to offer our most passionate users more productivity and make feedly sustainable in the long run."

Meanwhile, Feedly said funds from the first 5,000 Feedly Pro backers, who each paid $99 (£64) for a lifetime membership to the service, "helped us invest in the infrastructure and customer support needed to make Feedly Pro generally available."

Based on user feedback, the startup has added one-click Pocket integration and brought HTTPS support to the standard version of Feedly.

Meanwhile, ahead of the demise of Google Reader, Feedly boosted its service by adding a standalone web version, with nine applications built into the Feedly cloud, including IFTTT, gNewsReader, gReader, Newsify, and others.

After Google in March announced plans to shut down its RSS tool, Feedly became a haven for Reader "refugees," attracting three million new members in just two weeks.