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Sky to demo Ultra HD TV at IFA and IBC

Sky is aiming to steal a march on its pay TV competitors with a trial of Ultra HD television at the upcoming IFA conference in Berlin.

Sky Deutschland, the German broadcaster, will pump out a test transmission of the service at IFA from 6 to 11 September with Technicolor providing decoders to receive the satellite signals - giving some attendees the first opportunity to see Ultra HD in action.

The test broadcast will use the brand new HEVC/H.265 video compression standard, according to, and the content showcasing at IFA is a loop of sports, movies and documentaries. Ultra HD allows transmissions with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution, which is four times the resolution of the current industry standard full HD resolution.

Sky first expressed an interest in Ultra HD broadcasts when they recorded a Bundesliga game in December 2012 for training purposes and the new demo program reiterates that the company is encouraged by the technology.

A wide variety of different TV manufacturers have already started to get excited by the hype surrounding 4K Ultra HD with Sony, Sharp, LG, Toshiba and a number of others have releasing TVs capable of handling the pictures.

Most 4K Ultra HD sets are out of the price range of consumers with the only one coming close to affordability being the Seiki 50in television, which still comes in at a large $1,299 [£850].

Sony went a step further and, through a deal signed with the BBC, filmed various matches at this summer’s Wimbledon with a range of 4K cameras to capture the smallest piece of detail.

As well as introducing the technology at IFA, Sky Deutschland will broadcast pictures at IBC from 13 to 17 September and in that case Pace decoders will be used to pick up the satellite signal.

Image Credit: Flickr (Johnkarakatsanis)