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Amazon enables developers to sell real products within apps and games

Amazon has launched a new mobile API that will let mobile users make one-click Amazon purchases from within apps.

Developers who tap into the Amazon Mobile Associates API can add easy purchase links to Amazon within their apps. It's an extension of the Amazon Associates affiliate programme, so if app users click and buy via Amazon, the developers get paid.

The API allows developers to pull from Amazon's massive warehouse in order to sell real products — physical (toys, clothing) or digital (ebooks) — via their own application, while earning up to six per cent of the total sales.

Say the boss at the end of a level in your game is a three-headed wolf — Amazon's Mike Hines has suggested selling the popular "Three Wolf Moon" t-shirt to celebrate the creature's defeat.

Or, for a nutrition-based app, developers can showcase a category of Amazon goods by offering health-related products like vitamins and supplements.

Hines also explained the process of bundling a physical-product purchase with digital content, like selling a toy version of a game character, which automatically enables customers to play as the same character.

Once a customer initiates a purchase from within an app, they are presented with a dialogue box that shows the product details and cost. Amazon's one-click buying makes it easy to have the item delivered directly to the customer's door.

"Integration is simple," Hines wrote in a blog post. Just initialise the Mobile Associates API, and tell the online retail giant what you're selling. "We'll take care of the rest," Hines said.

To sign up, visit Also, check out Amazon's Quick Start Guide, sample code, and documentation online, and find out how to start earning more with Amazon Mobile Associates API.

Take a look at the new programme in action in the video above.