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Deal on 24-port switches: £27 10/100 from Zyxel & £57 Gigabit from Tenda

Ebuyer sells the Zyxel ES1100-24, a 24 port 10/100 unmanaged switch for £27.48 while Envizage2000 sells the Tenda TEG1024D for £57.46, a 24 port Gigabit switch. In both cases, the items are new and do not include delivery. The latter also comes with 57 Nectar points.

Both items are fairly small and can be very easily hidden away. In addition, they are both fairly quiet, which is a boon if you want to use them in an open plan set up in a small office.

Zyxel also comes with an exceptionally good "ZyAssure" 3-year next day replacement guarantee. Despite the price premium between the two models (more than 100 per cent), we're inclined to go for the Tenda which has a total swiching capacity of 48Gbps (that's 2Gbps per port) with an 8K MAC address table.

Check out the deals we found for 48 ports Gigabit models from Netgear and TP-Link as well.

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