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Lepa G-Series 1,600W preview: Very powerful PSU

Enermax has been releasing products under a second brand name - Lepa - for a while now. The exact positioning of this sub-brand is not entirely clear, as Enermax itself wants the world to see Lepa not as budget-Enermax, but just as a separate entity. While there are indeed different products under the Lepa name, the type of product is the same. That means power supplies, case fans and computer chassis. Lepa products are currently being sold by the same outlets that carry Enermax products. Perhaps it's the Unilever approach; power in numbers. By releasing products under various brand names, the likelihood that a consumer will end up with one of them could increase.

In order for us to get acquainted with Lepa, Enermax sent us a G-series 1,600W power supply. The target audience for this supply is clearly rather limited. You'd really need to try hard to build a PC that can use that much power, combining at least three or four high-end graphics cards with preferably two processors (all of them overclocked) to even get close to 1,600 Watts. It's a bit surprising that Enermax is launching such an exclusive power supply under a new brand name, since it's basically guaranteed not to be a big seller, with such a small market for powerful PSUs. Enermax even claims a peak performance of 1,700 Watts for this Lepa G-Series 1,600W.

The 80 Plus Gold power supply has six 12V rails that can supply 20, 20, 30, 30, 30 and 30A. In total the 12V rails can supply 133A. The Lepa G-Series 1,600W is completely modular, and offers 10 molex, 14 SATA and eight 6/8-pin PEG connectors. The exterior of the power supply with its dark grey colour and brushed finish give it a robust look. It has a 14cm built-in fan.

Internal components include "Grade A" Japanese capacitors that are validated to stay functional up to 105 degrees. The 5V and 3.3V current goes via a DC/DC converter to increase efficiency. You can continue reading Lepa G-Series 1600W preview on