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Majority of British babies make social media debut within one hour of birth

Over two thirds of newborn babies make their social media debut within one hour of birth, a new poll has claimed.

Facebook was the most popular social network parents uploaded to, with 77 per cent adding baby photos to the site. Other popular platforms were Instagram (48 per cent) and Flickr (32 per cent).

While over half of the parents surveyed said that they uploaded the pictures to keep distant family and friends updated, 22 percent said they did so to 'better' other parents' photos.

Half said that they shared pictures to express love for their children and 28 per cent described social media as a good way to record their children's early years.

It isn't just parents who are uploading baby photos though - only 62 per cent said they personally added the pictures. Family members were responsible 22 per cent of the time and friends 16 per cent of the time.

Photo printing service had 2,367 parents with children under five questioned for the research.

Just six per cent of the new mums and dads surveyed said they had never uploaded a picture of their children to social media.

64 per cent revealed that they added images of their children at least three times a week, while one fifth said they did so around three times a month.

Posterista's co-founder, Marc Phelps said: "The fact that a picture of the average newborn is now online within an hour just goes to highlight the enormous impact social media has had on our lives in the past five years, and how prevalent these pages are in helping to keep loved ones informed on the special occasions in our lives, such as the birth of a new child."

Image credit: Flickr (Bridget Coila)