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News reader Zite creates new Google Glass app

Mobile news aggregator Zite is looking to remain at the forefront of emerging computing platforms with a new app for Google Glass.

Zite on Google Glass allows users to scroll through the top 10 stories on their personalised site, and stay up to date with the most important news to them.

But don't expect to see a clone of your smartphone Zite application. In a blog announcement, the company explained that because Glass functions so differently from most other technologies, the type of news, navigation, and features available will be different.

"We thought this would be a great way to get onto the Google Glass platform and we're really looking forward to suggestions from Glass Explorers about how they want to consume news on Glass," the Zite team said.

Wearable computing offers a different experience than a smartphone, tablet, or computer, the company explained, and therefore, the type of news consumed on a device like Glass is different than what you may read on a tablet.

"In other words, the underlying type of news that you consume on a wearable must change," the company said. "Until news organizations start building news for these devices, we'll have to try to innovate around them."

Up next for Zite: smart notifications delivered directly within Glass, offering real-time reports on entertainment, politics, breaking news, and more.

Glass Explorers are encouraged to install Zite and provide app feedback to help polish the system before the gadget's wide release.

The Android version of Zite also got a boost this week — version 2.0 is the biggest update to Zite's Android product since its launch 18 months ago. New features include a revamped user interface, a widget, new discovery tools, quick access to your favourite topics, redesigned top stories, a new sharing menu, S Pen integration for Samsung users, and more.

Zite 2.0 is available now in the Google Play store. An iOS update is expected to coincide with iOS 7.