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Xerox ColorQube 8700/8900 preview: Fast, solid ink all-in-one printer

In addition to laser and inkjet, there is a third printing method on the market, called solid ink. One of the current printers using that technology is the Xerox ColorQube 8700/8900. It's an all-in-one a few levels above the printers that we typically review here on Hardware.Info. It will be interesting to see what this product has in store.

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat, the Xerox ColorQube 8700/8900 is not an all-in-one for the average or even the most demanding consumer, unless you have too much room in your home office. It's a machine that takes up a lot of space, especially with all the additional paper trays when it stands on the ground. It's so heavy that if it didn't have four solid wheels underneath, you'd have real trouble moving it around. Even without the trays, it's a very big desktop printer you don't want right next to your computer.

The ColorQube exists in two versions, the 8700 and the 8900. In terms of performance and features they are identical, the difference comes in how you purchase them. The 8700 comes as just the printer, for a price of £1,917. The 8900 comes in combination with a contract, for an average of £2,775. That contract includes the so-called consumables, which means that you can order the ink, maintenance kits and on-site service from Xerox without additional cost.

What's most remarkable about the Xerox ColorQube 8700/8900 from a technological point of view is that it's an all-in-one that uses solid ink, a method that Xerox has been implementing for some time. Solid ink itself has been around for almost 40 years.

You could call solid ink a cross between laser and inkjet technology. The overlap with inkjets is of course that the ColorQube uses ink to print on paper. You can read the rest of Xerox ColorQube 8700/8900 preview on