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Quip mobile word processing hits Europe with five additional languages

Quip, the collaborative document creation service, is now available across Europe with support for various languages opening it up to the continent.

The European release has added support for French, German, Spanish and Italian with the addition of simplified Chinese also coming as part of the latest update.

“These languages are some of the most popular ones we've seen on Quip so far, but we’re just getting started. We’ve got plans for adding more languages and we’re continually working to improve the Quip experience worldwide,” commented Nate White on the company’s blog.

The mobile-centric iOS and Android word processing app was created by ex-Facebook CTO Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs, formerly of Google, and was first launched in North America at the end of July.

Upon launch, the two founders stated that Quip’s four core designs goals are “collaboration, mobility, interactivity and simplicity” and that mobile devices were where the service is targeted.

Quip, which does support desktop functionality, has been dubbed a word processor for the mobile generation and it’s most attractive feature in that sense is that it allows many users to edit one document – something they call threading.

Documents created on Quip can be annotated in real time and changes are logged as “diffs”, which acts as a news feed of document edits for every document created.

The app will inform users by push notifications if there has been a change to a document with shared folders making it simple for users to share documents and projects with anyone else that has installed the app.

Consumer use of the service is free with Quip Business offering a service tailored to businesses that costs $12 [£7.74] per month, per user.