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Samsung prepping printers with Android smartphone docks and sound systems for IFA

Ahead of next week's IFA trade show in Berlin, Samsung is showing off several printer concepts, including two models with smartphone docks that can print directly from Android-based phones.

The Samsung Wave has a minimalist, ovoid design, while the Samsung Indie combines a printer with a sound system. The Samsung One & One is a monochrome printer that lets you add a second colour.

Printers with phone docks are rather uncommon, perhaps because it's easy enough to print from mobile devices to newer Wi-Fi-compatible printers. The VuPoint Solutions Photo Cube IP-P20-VP is a standalone device that lets you print out photos from an iPhone. Both the Samsung Indie and Wave can dock with Samsung Android-based phones.

The Samsung One & One is a mono laser printer that lets users add an extra colour of their choice (cyan, yellow, or magenta) to complement the standard black, making it in effect a two-colour printer.

Samsung, which announced these printers in a blog post this week, is for now keeping most of the details of these products under wraps.

We have no word yet on whether the Wave, the Indie, and the One & One will remain strictly as concepts, or are expected to eventually advance to become production models. We will update you with more complete information on these printers when it becomes available.

Also expected at IFA are the CLP-415 series, which won an iF design gold medal in March, as well as several printers belonging to Samsung's Xpress C460 series, which the company introduced earlier this year.

The Xpress C460 models are the first colour laser printers with NFC (near field communication) functionality, which enables Android mobile devices to communicate with them simply by touching the phone to the printer.