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Cooler Master HAF XM preview: Affordable, cool and quiet

Having high air flow in computer chassis is essential for demanding computer users. Cooler Master recognises this, and even named a whole series of chassis HAF, standing for High Air Flow. Some of those were indeed very effective at cooling, while others did not quite live up to the name. Nevertheless, this product line has garnered a loyal following, and this group will undoubtedly be interested in the cooling performance of the latest iteration, presented at Cebit earlier this year as the Cooler Master HAF XM.

Cooler Master is quite adept at making the hearts of hardware enthusiasts stir, which is impressive considering they aren't exactly the sexiest or most exciting of components. Let's be honest, regardless of the important of power supplies, coolers and chassis, they don't really make your heart pump as much as new CPU architectures, GPU generation or solid state storage for example. It's quite an accomplishment then that Cooler Master is so successful at marketing its products and building a loyal following.

The HAF series by Cooler Master emphasises cooling above other qualities. The top model in the series is called HAF X and costs an average of £120, but the HAF XM has a more affordable pricetag of £90. The version with a window costs about £10 more. The HAF XM is a few quid cheaper than the HAF 932 Advanced, which we have not tested with our current setup, so we can't make a one-to-one comparison. But that is a chassis we need to keep in the back of our minds.

Fortunately we do have lots of other comparison material for putting things into perspective. You can read the rest of Cooler Master HAF XM preview on