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IFA 2013 Live Coverage: News, photos and analysis from Berlin

Wanting live updates of all the major happenings here at IFA 2013 in Berlin? You’ve come to the right place.

Throughout the week, we’ve been peppering this page each and every day with breaking news and photos of the most exciting products unveiled at Europe’s biggest tradeshow hosted within the vast Messe Berlin complex in the German capital.

To set the scene we put together a comprehensive preview of IFA 2013 (opens in new tab), rounding up the most prominent leaks and rumours to get you in-the-know ahead of the event - scroll down to see how much has come to fruition thus far.

As the updates continue to flow in below, do get involved in the comments section at the bottom of the page, and follow @ITProPortal (opens in new tab) and our Facebook page (opens in new tab) for even more.

Danke schön.

  • 09 September
  • 12:57

    And we're off now. Taxi is here. Thanks for following us over the last few days. Back to sunny London now.

  • 12:55

    A nice little gizmo we found out in the Taiwan Pavilion here. A Miracast box from a company called PX which adds Miracast capabilities to any displays that have a HDMI port. The test our interlocutor carried out on a Samsung Galaxy S4 using the Allcast feature proved to be seamless. Note that the box also supports Intel Wi-Di technology.

  • 11:24

    Back to matters over here, and those early launches last week are beginning to feel like a long time ago, so refresh yourselves with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch unveiling et al, as we round up 5 lessons we learned from IFA 2013 (opens in new tab).

  • 11:20

    Nearly time for us to begin wrapping things up in Berlin as the ITProPortal private jet starts revving its engine for Luton.

    Interesting leaks from the mobile world this morning with Nokia seemingly spurred into action by the rash of fresh competition unveiled here at IFA - the alleged Lumia 1520 can be seen here. Another week, another Lumia, you'd be forgiven for thinking, though this model sees Nokia take the phablet segment head on with a huge 6in device. Follow the link for more (opens in new tab),

  • 08 September
  • 22:27

    Tonight is our last night in Berlin and here is a summary of articles that we published about IFA 2013 today. We're signing off for now as we prepare for our last morning ahead of an early afternoon flight.

    Exclusive: Sub-€1000, 23.8in 4K monitors coming at Philips in 2014 (opens in new tab)

    Alcatel at IFA 2013: A clear focus away from price war and towards innovative features (opens in new tab)

    Qualcomm at IFA 2013: Low-power Wi-Fi module and Alljoyn demonstration (opens in new tab)

  • 21:25

    This is Will working hard on his own just before the press room at IFA closes at 8PM. The last journo to leave on that night.

  • 18:38

    Hidden in all the announcements at IFA from the big brands is the Toshiba Encore. This Windows 8 tablet is a gem at £249 (suggested retail price) and is packed with goodies. It comes with one month free Skype, six months subscription to Xbox Music, Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student. The combined SRPs of these four items tops £170 which means that you're getting a lot of tablet for £79. As for the Encore, it is a petite 8in tablet with 2GB of RAM, a 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution and much more. As it stands, nothing even comes close it especially as it is rumoured to pack Intel's latest dual-core Atom BayTrail-based processor, something that is likely to boost performance and battery life. The closest alternative is the Acer Iconia W3-810 (opens in new tab) which comes with an optional keyboard docking station and costs the same.

  • 18:13

    Chinese company Askey has told us that it is working on a Wi-Fi SD card that will feature 802.11ac. Its current model (pictured below), comes with 802.11n and has a card slot that can take up to 64GB microSD models. Askey also showcased a Wi-Fi display dongle that essentially allows you to connect any Wi-Fi enabled device (tablet, computer, smartphone) to a monitor or television that has a free HDMI port. No details as to when the two devices will go on sale in the UK, if ever.

  • 14:47

    Lars-Christian Weisswange (below), Huawei's Executive Vice President of the Consumer Business Group here in Germany, was adamant his firm's stock will continue to rise when we chatted this morning. Huawei offers something different to the smartphone market's current pace-setters, he said, not getting wrapped up trends like Full HD displays for example, which he says are a con for consumers. He also said western distrust of the firm - rooted in its links with the Chinese state and alleged security flaws in its networking equipment - will die off as younger generations get used to the idea of Chinese companies prospering in US and European markets. Look out for our full interview soon. Weisswange's comments make for some interesting reading.

  • 14:43

    Featuring on the briefing list today was Chinese behemoth Huawei. The average western consumer may not know it, but the company is now routinely ranked in the top 5 smartphone makers in the world, as dominance in Asia begins to spread into Europe and beyond.

  • 14:29

    As the world's tech press drips out of Berlin with IFA nearing its end, we're rounding up our last interviews and booth tours here, ensuring no stone is left unturned for this year's coverage. The Messe Berlin is still open to the public until 11 September however, and another strong crowd was streaming through the gates when we arrived this morning.

  • 07 September
  • 20:02

    We chatted with Paul Tapp, senior product manager for perceptual computing at Intel about the growing importance of that concept in developing computer solutions. Intel has invested several hundreds of millions of dollars in perceptual technology already, he said, to create something that's intuitive, natural and immersive. Both the GPU and the CPU will be used to deliver it and by next year, laptops are likely to get two second generation webcams that will feature better technology together with two microphones.. Paul also mentioned that Creative's Senz3D, which was announced at IFA, can also detect body heat as it covers the infrared spectrum.

  • 19:07

    Hectic and frenetic are two adjectives that sum up today at IFA. Here's a list of the articles we published over the past few hours covering the meetings we had earlier during the event a well as product hands-on.

    5 things we learned at IFA Berlin 2013 (opens in new tab)

    Startup aims to revolutionise touchscreen industry with candy-floss like technology (opens in new tab)

    "No more concessions" on mobile devices says Sony VP (opens in new tab)

    SeeQVault: Next Generation Secure Memory Initiative gets real (opens in new tab)

  • 12:36

    Among the more established firms at DigitalFocus was Acer, who have released an avalanche of new products here at IFA. We got a hold of its new flagship smartphone the Liquid S2, a 6in monster with premium specifications including the ability to record in 4K. Impressive stuff and we're about to talk to the company right now to find out more. Back soon.

  • 12:20

    The other KickStarter graduate causing a stir at DigitalFocus Global last night was MiiPC, an compact Android PC working in conjunction with a mobile app, which allows parents to carefully monitor their children's online activity in real time. MiiPC was created by Silicon Valley outfit ZeroDesktop, and aims to be the perfect, easy-to-use tool for parents wanting to keep their children safe, and a little less distracted, online.

    Not only can parents select the specific applications their children can use on their MiiPC, but with the mobile app for IOS or Android they can monitor how much time they've spent on each program. Does your child's MiiPC profile show hours have been spent on YouTube and Angry Birds when you thought they were doing homework? Then, via the cloud, the offending apps can be remotely removed from their PC from your smartphone or tablet. Simple.

    Desire is booked in for an in-depth chat with the MiiPC team tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.

  • 12:00

    3Doodler has created quite a buzz in Berlin. At another trade show awash with copy-cat smatphones, tablets and phablets, something like this is a breath of fresh air. The hype certainly pre-dates IFA, however. 3Doodler raised a whopping $2.3 million on crowd-funding platform KickStarter and its launch is eagerly anticipated.

    The early backers of the 3Doodler campaign are set to receive their product this month, and the pen is expected to retail for a pretty reasonable $99 - around £63. In its announcement ahead of IFA, the company added that "refills for the pen are readily available and, like the pen, have intentionally been kept affordable."

  • 11:39

    Welcome to the weekend at IFA 2013. We're moving into the home straight of the show now - particularly from a press perspective, but the Messe Berlin is still buzzing with activity as members of the public stream through the gates. The halls are absolutely packed today.

    But it was actually some off-site snooping around that produced some interesting goods last night. We popped over to Pepcom's DigitalFocus Global event at the swanky Grand Hyatt Hotel where the likes of Microsoft, Samsung and HP gathered to show off products to a more intimate media crowd. But it was actually items from smaller tech outfits - two Kickstarter groups in fact - that brought the most intrigue.

    First, meet 3Doodler, the 3D printing pen that lets you 'draw' in the air. This is how a 3Doodler creation starts, as you fire hot ABS and PLA plastic that instantly cools and solidifies in front of you...

    ...and this is how it can end. A mightily impressive Big Ben from a rather adept 3Doodler.

  • 06 September
  • 19:08

    Of all the product segments getting the IFA treatment here in Berlin, it is mobile that hogs most of the limelight as crowds flock to get their hands on the sleek devices flaunted by Samsung, Sony and the rest.

    This consumer fervour is certainly a positive thing by and large; demonstrating an appetite for handheld gadgets that looks to sustain numerous areas of the technology sector for years to come. But there are serious security implications to the modern day mobile explosion, as more people spend more time online than ever before, putting their personal data on multiple new platforms for hackers to target.

    That's why we caught up with Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab this morning (opens in new tab), to discuss the public's susceptibility to growing mobile threats and the lack of support they are getting from hardware manufacturers to shore up potential problems.

  • 13:15

    And with that, this keynote session is over. We had some interesting reminders about the power of wireless data and what it can achieve when bringing together the Internet of Things. Healthcare and environment protection repeatedly emphasised and something we see many of the major tech corporations dip their toes into already. But environmentally, are these efforts simply undone with the heavy strain these manufacturers put on the plant with their intense production of goods using up natural resources and energy? Food for thought. We're out of here for now, back soon.

  • 13:11

    With a Q & A opened up to the floor, Hasse is asked about Verizon's huge buy out of Vodafone's stake (opens in new tab) in the company. Verizon is the US's number one mobile operator and Sprint's major rival.

    The deal was "a matter of if rather than when", says Hasse, adding that it made sense for Verizon to take full control of its wireless business. "Verizon is one tough competitor, they're doing their business pretty well" Hasse admits.

  • 12:54

    Hesse's keynote has gone from the righteous to the downright scary. We heard about Sprint's commitment to the environment, and how its chips are implanted into trees in Brazil so an alarm is sent to the authorities when illegal logging takes place. Such technology could help protect rainforests, Hesse says.

    But we're now watching a video that shows what a "wireless life could look like in 5 years time." It's all very spooky. Digital voices are barking at everyone telling them what to eat and what they should be doing right now. An old man sitting in a chair is talking to his son (projected on to a wall), who wants to know what the old codger has had for breakfast (scene below). Yoghurt and fruit, he says. But a woman's voice interjects saying this doesn't match up with the data records of his food intake that day. "I had eggs... and bacon too..." the crestfallen old man is forced to admit as his son shakes his head in disapproval.

    For good measure, the invisible wireless data woman then makes him spill the beans about feeling "light-headed" that afternoon. "I was just mowing the lawn," insists the old man in his defence. "In very hot and humid conditions!" the voice fires back. More head shaking and frowning from the unhappy son. The demoralised old man looks down sheepishly, resigned to the fact he should stay indoors all day and only eat yoghurt.

    I'm not sure I'm keen on this data-driven life of the future...

  • 12:31

    Sprint was the first operator to roll out 4G networks in the US so CEO Dan Hesse is well placed to comment on all things wireless and connectivity. Hesse is highlighting the ways Sprint's tech harnesses wireless for numerous healthcare tools; from mobile applications that monitor sugar levels in diabetics to food-based bio sensors that scrutinise products for potentially harmful bacteria.

  • 12:11

    Just trotted through the leafy Sommer Garten below to get over to the keynote centre. Schnitzel on the lawn may be tempting right now, but you can't keep us away from presentations on wireless networks and big data. You just can't.

  • 11:58

    Naturally, most people here are occupying themselves with the shiny new gadgets on display, with smartphone and tablet booths proving as busy as expected. But with our business hat on as ever, we've been looking at the security implications of the mobile explosion and how online threats increasingly target our personal devices. That's why we caught up with Kaspersky Lab earlier, and you can read more about our interview later on. Now it's time to trot over to one of the conference's first keynote speeches. Sprint CEO Don Hesse is on stage soon.

  • 11:39

    Totally different vibe here today now it's finally open to the public. Nice to see swarms of everyday punters, young and old enjoying the displays, rather than just stressed looking hacks rushing from one site to the next. At least we don't have to pay the 17 Euro entry like these guys though...

  • 11:32

    The front entrance looks quite impressive on a sunny day here at the Messe Berlin. Just a shame Bosch had to ruin a nice photo by stacking up a load of washing machine right by the door.

  • 09:23

    Morgen! It feels like we've been here an age and as you can tell by scrolling down, an awful lot has gone on at IFA 2013 already, but today actually marks the first official day of the conference. The exhibition halls should now be free of the construction debris that's been evident during this week, as members of the public walk through the gates of the Messe Berlin for the first time this IFA. Usual form for us though; taking in companies big and small, we'll be checking in with the likes of Kasperksy, Cambrios, SeeQVault, Intel and AMD through the day, and seeing what wares are on display at the Pepcom gathering away from the IFA site this evening. Stay right here.

  • 05 September
  • 22:35
  • 20:33

    However, LG's biggest move at IFA 2013 has been the launch of its G Pad 8.3 tablet. Big enough to enjoy media and entertainment, small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, or so the company says. The lightweight plastic device has more than a hint of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 about it, so LG will probably need to undercut its rival on price to distinguish the G Pad 8.3 when it hits stores in the fourth quarter. The company hinted it may adopt such a strategy with the aforementioned LG G2 smartphone, as the company's European product marketing chief, James Marshall, told us that the G2 could be priced "a little keener" than the premium Galaxy S4s and Xperia Z1s of the market. We'll have to wait and see on that one.

    Back to the G Pad 8.3, and we should have a full hands-on gallery and analysis of the tablet with you very shortly. Here's a taster of what's to come:

  • 20:21

    More within our realm is mobile, of course, and a few weeks on from the LG G2 smartphone launch in New York, the Korean firm is continuing to promote its new flagship. The tidy 5.2in model has a strong spec sheet and may well be a good seller come the fourth quarter when its availability hits the UK and beyond. Check our our recent hands-on with the LG G2 (opens in new tab).

  • 20:14

    We don't tend to cover white goods and home appliances on ITProPortal, which seems a shame when you catch a couple of lookers like this. Got all hot under the collar feasting our eyes on these babies.

  • 20:09

    4K TV was all the rage at IFA last year. In the past 12 months, the tech has edged nearer the status of living room reality rather than mere tradeshow novetly, and has been given an official name change by regulatory bodies. Unlike some, LG is adhering to the new Ultra HD moniker, and we had a good ogle at the firm's latest sets.

    Not 4K frogs, but Ultra HD frogs.

  • 19:57

    Those who enjoy their TV tech will have their appetites satiated here at IFA. LG was keen to show off its latest developments in the area today, with these curved 3D OLED TVs heading up the comapny's booth zone here at IFA 2013. You may have to pop those 3D glasses on to really enjoy the full effect of these displays, but LG says these are the first curved 3D TVs out there.

  • 16:30

    As for Info Eye, think Google Glass demos. This new Sony app recognises photos of objects and pulls up further information and tips around the subject for the user. Our demonstrator a bottle of wine, and we were swiftly told where it was from, what food it would go well with, and where other local wineries are. Impressive feature.

  • 16:26

    As for the software innovation I mentioned earlier, two of the headline features on the new Xperia Z1 are the Social Live application for Facebook, and the Info Eye photo-recognition assistant, and we got a closer look at these this afternoon too.

    Social Live is undoubtedly clever, but you can't help but feel it brings social media vanity to a whole new level. Not content with bombarding friends with photos and descriptions of how great your life is? Well now you can live stream videos of you having all the fun in the world too. Syncing up Social Live with your Facebook account posts a video onto your profile and onto the news feeds of friends you select. They can then watch live, extended videos of whatever your Xperia Z1's 20.7-megapixel camera is shooting, and comment and 'like' at the same time.

    The user sees these comments too, so you are able to respond to your friends' request to do a funny dance, pan to the left, or perform some kind of unsavoury act. It depends what you're into. Here's Social Live in action as the phone's recording is beemed straight to Facebook:

  • 16:02

    The Vaio Tap 11 meanwhile, squares up to Microsoft's Surface tabet/laptop device, with a detachable keyboard allowing the display to be used in multiple ways. The Tap 11 even gives the audible click as screen and keyboard come together, something that Microsoft has tried to make a trademark of the largely unsuccessful Surface. Our Sony representative Damjan Stamcar claimed that the Vaio Tap 11 was quite simply "better than Microsoft's solution."

    The Vaio Tap 11 with the keyboard closed on top of the display:

  • 15:51

    A catch at the top of the keyboard allows the Vaio Fit to utilise its 'multi-flip' technology, when the screen can tilt, fold out and collapse on itself to form a tablet. Sony emphasised its ability to adapt to your position and needs on the move - more than reminiscent of Lenovo's rhetoric this morning as they unveiled the latest additions to its multi-purpose Yoga line (scroll down for more). Indeed the Vaio Fit can be seen as a direct challenge to Lenovo's hybrid devices, with the image below showing the copy-cat mechanics of the Yogas.

  • 15:40

    Interesting tour of the Sony booth just now, underlining that yesterday was about more than just the Xperia Z1 smartphone. The unveiling of the sparkly new flagship was sandwiched between intriguing announcements on the software and hardware front for Sony, who repeatedly drummed home its determination to unify the tech from all its different divisions into modern, multi-purpose products.

    In that vain, we saw two new convertible laptops unveiled yesterday - the Vaio Fit and Vaio Tap 11 - and as we saw in our tour, they're a couple of handsome devils up close. Here's a the sleek Vaio Fit in the largest 15in form factor. It comes as in 13in and 14in models too.

  • 13:50

    So there's your big four from Lenovo today. The Yoga 2 Pro convertible, the ThinkPad Yoga convertible for business, the accessible Flex notebook for the everyday buyer, and the large Flex 20 all-in-one.

    There were some other interesting talking points from the Chinese firm's event too, but we've got to nip off to see Sony now, so more on that later.

  • 13:48

    And completing the big four announcements, was the giant Flex 20 all-in-one.

    This is apparently designed to make the PC "interpersonal," as its large 20in display can be used by multiple people at the same time with 10 point multi-touch. Imagine children gathered around it in 'table mode' playing an air hockey-style game for example. The Flex 20 will be pre-loaded with the Aura multimedia UI for photo and video management as well as a selection of games from Lenovo and its partners. The pricey Flex, dubbed the Lenovo Horizon's "little brother", will cost 999 EUR inc VAT, and is available from October.

  • 13:41

    Thirdly, Lenovo unveiled the Flex touchscreen laptop.

    Flex comes in 14in and 15in models and includes that flexible hinge so it can work in stand mode again. Lenovo said they wanted to inject some excitement into the classic clamshell notebook, and this was the result. For the everyday consumer, the Flex is a reasonable 499 EUR inc VAT and available October. Just 2kg this device, and the option of either an orange or silver body lining bolsters the looks department too.

  • 13:35

    Second, we have the ThinkPad Yoga, another laptop/convertible.

    Added durability and security makes this a product for the "corporate environemment". The device, which combines the modern Yoga brand with the traditional ThinkPad moniker of IBM PCs, also includes a stylus for tablet mode. It will run the forthcoming Windows 8.1 on release in November, costing some 799 EUR.

  • 13:32

    The Yoga 2 Pro has 4 times the resolution and brightness of original Yoga. It includes a back-lit keyboard, and is thinner and lighter weighing just 1.39kg. Inside are Intel's 4th gen processors and it boasts 9 hours battery life. It shall cost 1299 EUR.

  • 13:27

    JUST IN: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Note 2 spec comparison (opens in new tab). Check it!

  • 13:24

    First up we have the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro - a laptop/tablet convertible hybrid, true to the Yoga line, which sports 13.3in Quad HD+ display with a dazzling 3200 x 1800 resolution. Lenovo tell us that's the world's highest resolution.

  • 13:20

    We've just swung by Lenovo's press conference here at the Messe Berlin, and the world's number one PC manufacturer has just announced 4 new products...

  • 11:11

    A quick summary of the news we've published about the other product announcements and launched at IFA 2013

    Asus lets loose trio of Windows and Android hybrid laptops (opens in new tab)

    Asus hopes large new MeMO Pad tablets translate into big sales (opens in new tab)

    Asus outs spruced up Fonepad 7 and all-new Fonepad Note 6 at IFA 2013 (opens in new tab)

    Sony Xperia Z1: Hands-on preview (opens in new tab)

    Alcatel takes over IFA with new Idol and One Touch smartphones (opens in new tab)

  • 11:07

    We're minutes away from our first events. Will is going to attend the Lenovo press conference while Desire will be heading to Samsung's booth for a chat about products and strategy. That will then be followed by Intel's press conference, an interview with Sony Mobile's Pierre Perron, President - Head of Customer Unit North Western Europe at Sony Mobile Communications and Catherine Cherry Marketing Director - UK, Ireland, Netherlands at Sony Mobile Communications. Next is Haier's press conference, a guided tour to LG's booth and the day will end with a trip at IFA's Showstoppers. Busy schedule indeed.

  • 09:53

    Morning! Despite a traumatic evening's work in the hotel lobby last night, where a mouse walked over our feet and The Bee Gees' 'How Deep Is Your Love?' was played on THREE separate occasions, beautiful blue skies have banished the memories this morning. We'll be on our way over to the sprawling Messe Berlin very shortly, so stay with us again today for all the news, photos and reaction from IFA 2013. The show finally opens to the general public tomorrow, which means things are getting serious on site - don't miss out.

  • 04 September
  • 22:52

    Tomorrow is yet another packed day with (deep breath)... Lenovo, Samsung (again), Intel, Sony Mobile, Haier, LG and Showstoppers. Nearly midnight in Berlin. We now sign off. Good night.

  • 22:50

    A quick roundup of what happened this evening. We had the live coverage of the grandiose Samsung Unpacked event in the Tempodrome (opens in new tab) which saw the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch (opens in new tab) (which we now know will cost £299 (opens in new tab)), the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (opens in new tab) smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. The Note 3 will not come cheap though with tariffs without upfront fees as high as £47.

    This was preceded with a similarly lavish affair from Sony, who revealed the impressive looking Xperia Z1 smartphone - which we enjoyed some hands-on (opens in new tab) time with.

  • 18:54

    Crowds swarm to get their grubby mits on the Z1.

  • 18:52

    The new Xperia Z1 behind Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai.

  • 18:49

    During the press conference.

  • 18:47

    These guys - brought in purely to whoop, holler and cheer everyone's arrival like an Apple Store launch morning on steroids - were so beyond cringworthy-ness it was just funny and quite endearing. Pardon the blur, we were being unceremoniously bustled through.

  • 18:40

    That Samsung event looked pretty awesome in scale. The Sony press conference certainly wasn't far behind though, and it certainly feels like IFA 2013 truly came to life today Check out these snaps from Sony this afternoon...

    The scrum to get in.

  • 18:33

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch are now official too. As is the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, just for good measure. A load of you were watching the live stream from the event while Desire snapped away from the front row. Follow this link to see some slides of Samsung's pretty exciting new products (opens in new tab).

  • 17:36

    Crowds growing ahead of Samsung Unpacked.

  • 17:31

    We've been blessed with sunnier climes ahead of the big event too.

  • 17:29

    But there's no way Samsung's going to allow a rival like Sony to take all the limelight in one day. The Koreans are expected to launch their Galaxy Note 3 and intriguing Galaxy Gear smartwatch very shortly. Desire has hopped over for the event.

  • 17:27

    The Sony Xperia Z1 is now official (opens in new tab). We're back from a packed press event which saw the impressive device unveiled alongside a few other interesting propositions from Sony. More on that later, plus a hands-on with the eagerly-anticipated Xperia Z1. Taster below...

  • 15:08

    The Samsung event will be at the massive Tempodrom venue (opens in new tab) which is incidentally where the Note 2 and the Galaxy Camera (opens in new tab) were unveiled last year.

  • 14:59

    Some pictures of the Panasonic event, starting with the main announcement, the Panasonic L65WT600. Next up is Samsung's Unpacked event which starts in approximately three hours with registration starting an hour earlier.

  • 14:41

    4K 20in tablet will go in production shortly. Panasonic also introduced the Viera L65WT600, the world's first Ultra HD TV with a 4K 50/60Hz input..... with a pyrotechnic display to match the announcement. Gas THX 4K certification and uses a 2GHz BLS Image Correction chip. The company is also partnering with a number of companies like EuroSport to produce customised HomeScreen homepages. Journalists leaving in drove as the event ends.

  • 14:36

    While proceedings rumble on with Panasonic, a throng is gathering outside the Sony camp as the company prepares for its all-important Xperia Z1 launch. We're tracking this live over here (opens in new tab).

  • 14:35

    Chap in charge of Panasonic AVC (Audio Video) is now on stage. The cloud is the leitmotiv here as well. Panasonic, he says, is well placed in the market because of its extensive experience in that segment. Panasonic sold 8m internet-connected Viera TV sets. Now talking about 4K. The company introduced a 152in 4K display in 2010, has a 4K tablet (opens in new tab) and a 4K integrated chipset. Panasonic is already looking at 8K with NHK, Japan's national broadcaster, from 2020. Oh and 4K security cameras are also coming. Apparently.

  • 14:24

    Some titbits from Panasonic. 4.9 billion Euros investment in R&D in 2013, 6.9 per cent of sales. Some highlights include largest OLED panel, Mirrorless camera. "Totally Connected" solutions appear to be the new mantra with cloud based services and applications at the core. Laurent Abadie, Head of Panasonic Europe, talks about Cameramanager acquisition. System manages around 40,000 live camera solutions globally with a certain degree of creepiness. Another acquisition presented is AUPEO personal radio before switching to a presentation of the smart heat pump which is one of the many applications of Internet of Things (opens in new tab). He also touched upon Panasonic's vision of a smartly connected home with appliances communicating between each other and even anticipate the next step. An eerily spooky equivalent of a virtual concierge.

    Laurent Abadie is followed by Ichiro Kikuchi, VP Panasonic Appliances company. Panasonic offers 80 categories with a whopping 8,000 models spread amongst them. Panasonic's strategy for Europe is three fold: Unique technologies, European Lifestyle and Strategic Appliances. The company will focus on air conditioners, major and small appliances as well.

  • 14:02

    Desire is currently at the Panasonic press conference while Will will be covering the Sony one.

  • 13:57

    A bit of randomness in a world of certainty... A few pictures of what's happening here ahead of the press conference of Panasonic.

  • 12:45

    Oh and just in case you missed it, the next iteration of Android (aka v4.4) will be known as KitKat (opens in new tab) rather than Key Lime. One wonders whether there has been any sort of arrangements between Nestle (who owns the brand name) and Google. Is this the beginning of a new era of co-branding? What's next Android Milka and Android Polo maybe?

  • 12:10

  • 12:05

    So entrance confirmed then. Always a relief. A lot of press here already too. The booths and displays may not be ready but the world's media certainly are; the press rooms are swarming ahead of this afternoon's big product announcements.

  • 12:02

  • 10:09

    That's her we're told. The Sony Xperia Z1, expected to pack a whopping 20-megapixel camera, 5in Full HD display and the beastly quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC.

  • 10:06

  • 10:04

    While we're on the subject, refresh yourself with the full rumour roundup of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch (opens in new tab) (set to launch alongside the Note) to get a picture of what should be breaking cover today. Same goes for the Sony Xperia Z1 'Honami' (opens in new tab), which was subject to an apparent image leak in the past week.

  • 09:58

    Guten Morgen. We're bright and breakfasted over here in Berlin, so time to head back to the giant Messe complex to take in the first rumblings of activity from IFA 2013. Big day of press conferences coming up. Asian rivals Sony and Samsung are throwing the most anticipated events, and we'll be live blogging them from 15:00 and 17:00 respectively (UK time). We're just hours away from seeing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z1 'Honami' in the flesh for the first time - and we could well be treated to a whole lot more.

  • 03 September
  • 20:33
  • 20:29

    Tomorrow promises to be a very interesting day with Sony's press conference, Samsung Unpacked event, plus visits to Panasonic, Alcatel and Asus. Hopefully, the weather will also be slightly more forthcoming.

  • 20:22

    We landed at Berlin's Schoenefeld airport a few hours ago and made our way to the event's location, one which is still pretty much work in progress and a giant buzzing construction site that will welcome tens of thousands of visitors over the next few days.

  • 09:50
  • 09:06

    We're busy preparing for Berlin and IFA. One of the biggest talking points is likely to be the just-announced acquisition of Nokia's M&D division by Microsoft (opens in new tab). Interesting times indeed as its impact is likely to be felt across the entire tech industry.

  • 02 September
  • 16:06

    As we've touched on above, Samsung is expected to dominate headlines at IFA once again. With this in mind, we've rounded up the rumours surrounding the imminent launches of the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch (opens in new tab). Check it.

  • 15:08

    Right, time for us to print our boarding passes and pack the German phrase book ahead of IFA 2013, which sees ITPP (and just about every other major tech publication) descend on Berlin to check out a whole bevy of brand new products and innovations. This is where you'll find all the latest developments from the German capital - thanks for joining us and make sure to let us know what you think of this year's bonanza by connecting with us on social media.