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Oppo Find 5 preview: Affordable Full HD smartphone

A short while back we received the Oppo Find 5, a Full HD smartphone with pretty impressive specs and very reasonable pricetag. We took the 32GB model for a month-long spin and used it as our main phone. Read on to find out how that experience was, but we can already say that it was surprisingly positive. And yes, that's the same Chinese Oppo that makes Blu-ray players.

The 16GB Oppo Find 5 is available for £340, and the 32GB version for £364. That is very affordable when you consider other flagship Full HD phones such as the HTC One, Optimus G Pro, Galaxy S4 and the Xperia Z. The 32GB model is available in black and white colour schemes.

The Oppo Find 5 is therefore positioned amongst smartphones with much lower specs than itself; you won't find Full HD from one of the big names at this price. For Samsung that would be the Galaxy S4 Mini or Galaxy S3, for HTC the One Mini, for Sony the Xperia V, for LG the Optimus G or Nexus 4, and for Huawei the Ascend P2 or Ascend P6.

When you first pick up the Oppo Find 5, you notice how heavy it is. The Xperia Z and the Galaxy S4 also have 5in displays, but they are much lighter, so it can't be the screen. The extra 30-40g are primarily a result of the materials Oppo has used for the phone.

That heavy material does make the Find 5 feel very sturdy. We tested the black version, and it looks nice and sleek. When the screen is off, you can't see the difference between the display and bezels, and the plastic strip at the bottom stands out more. Above that strip are the capacitive buttons. Oppo has the same button lay-out as Samsung, with a Back button on the right, a Home button in the middle and a Menu button on the left. You can read the rest of Oppo Find 5 preview on