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BBM for Android appears for first time in new video

BlackBerry Messenger [BBM] for Android has been seen for the first time in a video posted online with the interface almost identical to that seen on the BlackBerry 10 OS version.

The video, posted on YouTube and picked up by Know Your Mobile, gives viewers a glimpse at what the new app will be like as well as various other features being brought to the Android version of the app.

The app, which is still in beta, looks almost exactly the same as the standard BBM app with the same tabs at the foot of the app including contact and groups. Everything down to the signature BBM tone and various other style points also make their way over to the Android version.

One of the only differences is the settings for the app, which will be on the right hand side as the OS uses the top bar on an Android phone.

BBM for Android also allows users to transfer content between apps on different devices using Android Beam NFC technology.

There is still no release set for the app with the Canadian company simply stating that it’ll arrive “this summer” and the video author estimates they have until roughly around 21 September for it to actually be considered a summer release.

When released the app will first support messaging and group features before being able to offer voice calling, screen sharing and video calling later on. The app will be available to those owning devices that run Android 4.0 and iOS 6 or higher.

BlackBerry first announced back in May they’d be bringing BBM to iOS and Android users, subject to the application being approved by both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

iOS users, for once, will be the ones to wait longer than Androidusers for the app with Windows Phone unlikely to get the app at all.