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Cloud security: Who do you trust?

Cloud computing proposes to change the way we use computing with the promise of significant economic and efficiency benefits. The speed of adoption depends on how trust in new cloud models can be established.

Trust needs to be achieved, especially when data is stored in new ways and in new locations, including for example, different countries. This paper is provided to stimulate discussion by looking at three areas:

- What is different about cloud?

- What are the new security challenges cloud introduces?

- What can be done and what should be considered further?

Cloud computing moves us away from the traditional model, where organisations dedicate computing power to a particular business application, to a flexible model for computing where users access business applications and data in shared environments.

Cloud is a new consumption and delivery model; resources can be rapidly deployed and easily scaled (up and down), with processes, applications and services provisioned 'on demand'. It can also enable a pay per usage model.In these models the risk profile for data and security changes and is an essential factor in deciding which cloud computing models are appropriate for an organisation.

In this paper, we will explain why trust, reliability and security decisions are central to choosing the right model. Download this whitepaper below.