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Thinking outside the data warehouse: A closer look at IBM's Information Management portfolio

Today, businesses need to apply analysis to new areas, and decision makers expect actionable results faster than ever before. Companies must analyse large amounts of data in real time — otherwise, the conclusions may be out of date before they're even used. As a result, analysis has to take place closer to the data source.

Analytic calculations also need to happen at greater speed than ever so they don't delay critical functions. A credit card company watches for patterns of fraud at the rate of thousands of transactions per second, for example. A marketing company might need to deliver results every time a shopper reaches the checkout stand or while the shopper's online shopping cart is still active.

Finally, data systems are supporting more users, more varied types of data and more types of analysis than ever. Businesses can no longer cleanly separate analytical and transactional operations because some of today's most pressing and time-sensitive questions involve both.

This eBook presents scenarios that show a few of the new places where analytics are making a big impact and highlight how the breadth and depth of the IBM Information Management portfolio helps organisations reap value from their expanding data stores. We'll see why more and more businesses need to look at real-time information in a broader context, combining analytical and operational data to deliver true operational intelligence.

Read on, and picture yourself as the CIO or IT manager in the following situations. Download the whitepaper below.