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Five cloud security concerns you must address

To achieve the cost, staff collaboration and productivity benefits of cloud computing, companies and their CIOs must first address the main security concerns around cloud data networks, says HP.

All industry surveys of CIOs and their attitudes around cloud working show that data security and data privacy are the main areas which can slow or even block wider cloud take-up.

This HP whitepaper covers the five cloud security areas CIOs must address to alleviate concerns about cloud working. These are the security of cloud access devices, like laptops, tablets and phones; the security and availability of the cloud platform being used; and identity and access management (IAM) for the cloud - the security processes which staff have to go through to access cloud services.

The other two areas of concern are security and compliance management for the cloud - including addressing industry regulations over data storage and management; and the security impact of using the cloud among all stakeholders.

Overall, this whitepaper covers the areas of people, policies, processes, products and proof of security metrics around secure cloud working. HP says companies must take a holistic view to succeed in the cloud security arena.

To read the entire HP Whitepaper, download it here.

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