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Google Glass app store coming 2014, firm confirms

Google has confirmed that it will be launching an app store for Google Glass next year.

The release was first revealed by the company through a lengthy feature in The New York Times magazine at the weekend, and a Google spokesperson has since confirmed this to

No additionally details, such as whether it will be a separate, dedicated store, or if it will be part of the Google Play store, have been revealer.

It is also not known whether developers will be able to charge for apps as soon as the store has launched.

In August, Google engineer Timothy Jordan, in a Google+ post, said the company is "working on a process for you to submit your Glassware to get quota and be listed so that everyone can do more with Glass".

The slated release date for the app store matches reports that the consumer release date for the device, which is expected to be in early 2014.

Although Google Glass is not on sale to the public, devices are available for developers and industry professionals, with numerous apps already having been created.

There has also been a number of unofficial app stores cropping up, most of which simply list links to where each app can be downloaded.

Apps currently available include Field Trip Glassware, The New York Times app and a CNN breaking news app.

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