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HP to offer SAP HANA big data solution in as-a-service subscription format

HP has announced it is set to offer its solution for SAP HANA in a pay monthly as-a-service subscription model.

This will allow businesses to use the big data analysis service which provides real time insights through SAP's in-memory database, without having to pay out a large one off fee.

The HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA bundles the SAP HANA software license along with hardware and ongoing management into a complete solution provided in a cost-effective format.

The new solution runs in an HP Managed Cloud environment, either as a managed virtual private cloud or a managed private cloud, within a localised, enterprise-class HP data center facility. It is powered by the SAP-certified HP AppSystem for SAP HANA.

"Combining HP's deep expertise in information management and analytics with the real-time platform of SAP, HP clients may harness the benefits of in-memory computing and analytics to rapidly analyse and make decisions on significant amounts of data at a cost and pace that makes sense for their business," said HP.

The service will first be launched in Australia and New Zealand before being made available globally.

"Today's market pressures create the need for companies to know in real time what is going on with their enterprise, their clients and even their competitors, so they can stay competitive," said Jules Beck, HP's vice president of Enterprise Application Services.

"When HP and SAP innovate together, we raise the bar on what is possible for our clients by providing real-time insights."

The system is also enabled by the HP Migration Factory for SAP HANA to provide best-in-class migration. These services ensure HP will plan, migrate, validate, secure and deliver clients' mission-critical data onto the SAP HANA platform.

Eric Johnson, senior vice president, SAP Database and Technology Solutions added: "This new offering is part of SAP's HANA Enterprise Cloud strategy to offer mission-critical end-to-end managed cloud services to its customers, both directly and through its valued partners such as HP.

"HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA is a great example of the unique value both companies bring to consistently exceed our clients' expectations to accelerate innovation with minimal disruption."