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New Apple iPad 5 video reveals narrow body

A new video gives the strongest hint yet that Apple’s next iPad will be smaller and closely resemble the iPad mini.

The video, posted on YouTube by Unbox Therapy, shows a case that reportedly comes from the iPad 5 and when compared to the current iPad it’s noticeably narrower.

A front panel from the next iPad is put on top of the previous one and shows that despite the narrower dimension it still has the same sized retina display as the previous model. The exact width of the new device is 17cm, which is relatively small compared to the 18.5cm width of the iPad 4.

Other features outlined in the video include new individual volume buttons on the side of the device and upgraded speakers on the foot of the new tablet that are the same as those on the iPad mini. The tablet can, also, be held in one hand.

The latest rumours seem to confirm previous talk that the next iPad will be inspired by the iPad mini. Those stated the new iPad would have the same touch panel technology as the iPad mini, which is film-based as opposed to being glass-based like the other iPad models. The touch panel is the sensor-equipped section of the screen that is between the outer glass above and liquid crystal display below.

The weight of the new model will be significantly less than the current iPad 4 [662g] and closer to the iPad mini that weighs in at a feather-like 312g.

Apple is already rumoured to be producing the item in Asia and, if last year is anything to go by, the iPad lineup could be refreshed this autumn with a new device landing just ahead of the busy festive period.