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State-sponsored cyber attacks becoming increasingly threatening

Over half a sample of senior IT security professionals think the planet is fighting a losing battle against state-sponsored cyber attacks.

A new survey carried out by Lieberman Software Corporation at Black Hat USA 2013 asked 200 senior IT security professionals a series of questions with 58 per cent admitting they think we’re losing the battle against state-sponsored attacks.

74 per cent already believe their corporate network has been the victim of an attack from a state-sponsored hacker out of another country with 96 per cent thinking that hacking will worsen over time.

“The threat of state-sponsored attacks is extremely serious for government and commercial entities. The probing of IT infrastructures in both environments is occurring 24/7, with attacks being launched on a regular basis,” said Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software.

The 58 per cent figure mentioned above is even thought slightly conservative by some, Amar Singh, ISACA Security Advisory Group London chair, among them.

“I would have imagined this figure to be higher than 58 percent because most organisations will lose the battle if they end up on the target list of a state-sponsored attacker. The icing on the cake, from the malicious hacker’s perspective will be when the world fully embraces IPV6, the next generation internet protocol that will allow every single human being on this planet to own at least 2000 fixed and permanent cyberspace addressees,” Singh added.

Earlier this year, Lieberman spoke of the US being on the brink of a huge cyber attack and mentioned at the time the increasing cyber threat posed by North Korea. The latest release mentions that the Asian country is thought to have an army of around 3,000 cyber trolls in place to attack South Korean websites.