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Adapt to offer Desktone powered cloud based DaaS virtualisation

With company's under increased pressure to enhance remote working and integrate mobile devices, IT management service Adapt has developed a solution by offering Desktone's cloud based virtual desktop-as-a-service (Daas) to its customers.

Adapt is now set to deploy Desktone's DaaS software solution within the secure Adapt cloud, to provide affordable, easy to deploy virtual desktops to any number of static or mobile devices within a business.

The integrated DaaS system will be delivered through Adapt's real-time management portal and via its Virtual Data Centre (eVDC) platform.

This eliminates the need for Adapt's customers to design, build and support their own DaaS platform, as well as helping to reduce IT management and implementation costs.

Organisations using Adapt's new DaaS service can now quickly and easily roll out virtual desktops to employees, whether they are based centrally, spread across regional offices or connected through their mobile devices.

After evaluating a number of desktop virtualization providers, Adapt found that Desktone's was the only technology that provided the architecture required for a competitively priced service.

Simon Fisk, Sales and Marketing Director at Adapt, commented: "We're in the business of delivering high quality, secure cloud-based services and solutions to our customers. Desktone perfectly meets our enterprise-class criteria for delivering cloud-based solutions."

The service also meets some of the highest security standards inside the market as it is hosted in Adapt's secure UK data centres.

"For most organisations, but particularly for those in financial services or those dealing with data that must meet stringent compliance regulations, any service like this must strike the right balance between working flexibility and data security," said Kevin Linsell, head of service development at Adapt.