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Chip maker ARM announces purchase of Cadence's PANTA display controller technology

British chip maker ARM has announced the purchase of electronic design firm Cadence's PANTA display controller core technology.

The two firms already have an ongoing partnership, with the high-resolution display processor and scaling coprocessor IP cores that make up the technology, being co-designed by ARM.

"The agreement enhances the companies' long-standing ecosystem collaboration and strengthens their technical alignment," read a statement.

ARM said the technology will be used to cut the amount of power used by its mobile phone chips, allowing smartphones to process advanced multimedia applications with "ultra-low" power consumption.

ARM's processors are currently used in Apple, Samsung, Nokia and HTC smartphones. Its CPUs are so widely used due to the small amount of power they require.

"Display technology is critical to the mobile consumer's user experience, " said Pete Hutton, executive vice president and general manager of ARM's media processing division.

"The addition of the PANTA family of display cores to the ARM product portfolio will help our ecosystem of partners get to market quickly with high-end displays that are fully integrated with ARM's leading Mali graphics and video solutions and protected with ARM TrustZone security."

Martin Lund, senior vice president of Cadence's IP Group, added: "ARM and Cadence work together closely on many levels...As a result, both companies offer more tightly integrated solutions to our mutual customers."